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Bollywood actor releases compilation of 63 music videos and songs with the themes of dance, trance, techno, spirituality, glamour and nightlife on Blue-ray disc and online.


The compilation is in publication and distribution process to be released in India to Indian Entertainment networks and outlets. Omer Pasha Music Videos (Bollywood Edition) will be distributed to Indian movie and music television (TV) channels in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Calcutta. Each video title is available online and on youtube.


Omer Pasha Music Videos (Bollywood Edition) / 50 Music Videos


Top 20:


  1. Who Are You (Full Length Musical Feature)
  2. Come To Me (French Edition)
  3. California Midnight Movies
  4. Who Are You (Glendale Edition)
  5. The Cal Crew (Las Vegas Club Nights)
  6. The Cal Crew (Caucasian Love Returned) Feature Musical
  7. The Soul of Cole (Double Feature Musical)
  8. Blue Sapphire Jazz Nights
  9. Bennie’s World
  10. All The Padcams
  11. Penthouse (German Indie Film Festival Edition)
  12. You Let it Come (Jesus Descent)
  13. Midnight Prophecies
  14. Red Dreams
  15. Vancouver Nights
  16. Christ Premonitions
  17. Vancouver Midnight Movies
  18. The Cal Crew (Sequel) Feature Musical
  19. The Cursed Riddles of California
  20. Midnight Prophecy Movies {FULL LENGTH}


Trance Club Mixes and Music Videos (Latest Release)- Completed and Released on June 6,2014


Omer Pasha Trance Mixes (TV 2 Edition) 13 New Tracks and Music Videos


  1. Blue Sapphire Medley (Trance Mix) TV2
  2. Blue Sapphire (Trance Mix) TV2
  3. Jeanie (Trance Mix) TV2
  4. Kelan’s America (Trance Mix) TV2
  5. Loved (Trance Mix) TV2
  6. Max’s World (Trance Mix) TV2
  7. The New World Order (Trance Mix) TV2
  8. 1 am Penthouse Party (Trance Mix) TV2
  9. 1 am Penthouse Party (Trance Mix) 2 TV2
  10. Steam House AM (Trance Mix) TV2
  11. The Rise of Shay (Trance Mix) TV2
  12. The Soul of Cole (Trance Mix) TV2
  13. You Let it Come (Trance Mix) TV2




This is an introduction to a new genre of feature long music videos.


Kindly note all music from trance remixes is prepared and edited by Omer Pasha only. Loops have been commercially licensed to Omer Pasha by Loopmasters. All third party matches on youtube or any other outlets are an error.